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Urban Wilde lives in the city, but he originally lived "way back" in the country.  He's an archetypal blend of the primacy of the Wilderness with the sophistication of Urban life. Hence-Urban Wilde. He's on a mission to plant the seeds of drumming consciousness into as many minds as possible so that there will be a measurable shift in the collective consciousness of the city.

Let's examine what's going on here.  First, we must understand that the source of all things appears to be CHAOS.  This CHAOS is seen in many forms and in many situations, yet no one knows if CHAOS is masculine or feminine, or a bit of both, but we do know that staying busy is what CHAOS is about.  Always doing, never sleeping.  CHAOS seems so busy that we have to ask "What's the point?"

Like magic, as soon as we ask the question, we see ORDER forming out of the sonic mist.  And if we just let it, ORDER will come to us for free, and without effort!  That's right, no work and no cost!  So let's ask ourselves, "Do we need more training, education or therapy?" Or might we just allow ORDER to show itself?  And you know, it's weird.  The more we try to manipulate ORDER into manifesting in our lives, the more we show ourselves to be first cousins to CHAOS

As a drummer in the new millennium, Urban Wilde sees the struggle between CHAOS and ORDER going on all the time.  As he watches, it occurs to him that ORDER is actually a very particular form of CHAOS; a face or mask that CHAOS puts on for brief periods when he needs a rest, when he is about to restore himself.  Let's face it; being CHAOS is a tiring way to live.  Urban Wilde notices something else as well.  Whenever he drums, CHAOS seems to enjoy the sounds so much that he takes a break from his chaotic affairs and listens to the rhythmic pulse.

After a while, it becomes apparent to Urban Wilde that CHAOS is not just listening, but participating in the drumming as well.  CHAOS will do something new or something extra and when he does, all the people there look at each other and smile!  This is a significant change in consciousness and behavior!   Urban Wilde begins to hang out more often with CHAOS and after a time they become good friends.

Actually, Urban Wilde likes it when he's been jamming with ORDER for a while when he will suddenly turn back into CHAOS for a moment.  It helps him expand his mind in a safe way and makes him feel good.  CHAOS likes the fact that he can be any of his several selves and rest inside the rhythmic grooves that Urban Wilde creates endlessly with his friends.  Over time, they recognize that what binds them together as friends is the spirit of the drums, and the spirit of CHANGO who gives them the energy to play dance, after dance, after dance...



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