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Ed Mikenas has been a studio musician in NYC, toured the country with various artists, performed, recorded, and produced music in a variety of settings for over 30 years. 

As a Bassist and/or a percussionist, Ed has performed or recorded with the following artists/venues:

       Mercedes Ellington                David Friedman

       Sonny Fortune                       Steve Khan

       Frank Foster                          Grease

       Lenny Marcus                         Pippin

       Lou Donaldson                       Godspell

       Jan Metzger                           The Magic Show

       Vinnie Valentino                     Patti Finn

       Esther Phillips                        Tom Ohmson

       Skitch Henderson                   Club Conga

       Larry Elgart                           The Pearls

       The Joffrey Ballet                  Gail Kantor

       Chip McNeill                           Melissa Manchester

       Lisanne Lyons                         Cheryl Hardwick

       Mundell Lowe                         Alaina Reed

       Stephanie Nakasian                 Jim Petercsak

       Hod O’Brien                            Ron Parker

       Roy Haynes                             Lawrence Feldman

       Ornette Coleman                     Gary Guzio

       Rene-Marie                              Bill Ruyle

       Scarlet Rivera                          The Bel-Airs

       Linda & Robin Williams            Dorthea Joyce

       Herb Ellis                                Tommy Tune

       Buddy DeFranco                      Barry Levitt

       Terry Gibbs                             Marc Irwin

       Martha and the Vandellas         PeeWee Ellis

       Rodney Dangerfield                  John Scholl

       Rich Little                               John D’earth

       Maureen McGovern                  Robert Jospe

       The LaMama Experimental Theatre           

       Bill Washer                             Bert Carlson

       The Alive Company                  Sal Celli

       The Superstars of Israel           Peter Thom

       Jay and the Americans            Carter Beauford

       Chuck Berry                            Pete Yellin

       Bo Diddley                               Bob Rose

       Gary U.S. Bond                        Don Sarlin

       The Angels                              Steve Tubin

       The Coasters                           Harvey Sartch

       The Five Satins                        Fred Thaler

       Danny and the Juniors             Gary Keller

       Elliott Randall                          Savron Hudson

       Gary Burke                              Frank Elmo

       Enzo Stuarti                            Mark Brandenberg

       Bob Christianson                     Harris Levy

       Phil Riddle                               Larry Scott

       Malcolm Dendtler                     Barry Heimowitz

       Little Anthony and the Imperials



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