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Drumming on the Edge of Leadership
Cultural Expression Developing Consciousness

LEADERSHIP can best be instilled when everyone feels a sense of shared responsibility. This course of training will demonstrate the relationships between drumming, the leadership/followership continuum, neurological integration, and igniting a creative "will to do" in participants.

The process of LEADERSHIP can be conceived as an oscillation or dance between rehearsal and performance (creation and utilization of energy) such as occurs in the performing arts. By giving people creative circumstances in which to learn, LEADERS help optimize the realm of human possibility. People are able to experience themselves in new and different ways that become their reflection upon the world at large.

DRUMMING as a collaborative auditory event, provides people with an experience in which listening, cooperation, self-expression, and spontaneity co-mingle to produce an experience which is vastly greater than the individuals who are involved in the creative act. This occurs through entrainment.

ENTRAINMENT is an aspect of resonance. Resonance can be understood as the frequency at which an object most naturally wants to vibrate. Resonance is a cooperative phenomenon between two objects that passively share the same frequency. Entrainment, though is active because the naturally oscillating patterns of one object are replaced with the different and stronger vibrations of another object.

DRUMMING, reframed as rhythmically formatted auditory input (driving), creates a sympathetic reciprocity (entrainment) with certain areas of the brainstem by virtue of the natural pulsative functions of these areas automatically.

DRUMMING, when applied as a generative form of learning, has the potential to move people from the fear of self-expression to a more creative state where they can self-actualize and serve more effectively in a leadership capacity.

"Drumming on the Edge of Leadership: Hand Drumming and Leadership Skills for the New Millennium" by Ed Mikenas, is available for purchase thru this website. Contact Urban Wilde Music for purchase information.




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